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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, some people distribute the ashes over several urns to create a beautiful memorial garden or small tree plantation.

This will vary depending on soil conditions though research shows that 6-8 weeks would be average.
Leave 2-3cm of soil above the urn for optimum results.
No, the ash will have degraded and assimilated to the subsoil by the time the root grows down to it.

Yes, The Bios Urn can be kept for a very long time, do not expose to moisture and store in a dry place.

Yes, as long as the plant size is suitable so it does not out-grow the pot.
Some seeds can be difficult to grow, particularly with Australian natives, it can also be a very slow process, using a seedling increases the chances of producing a healthy plant.
Best to use a local garden centre, that way the plant is already acclimatised
Yes, they are familiar with the Bios Urn.
You could but the ashes will be too acidic for the plant to flourish, a lot of research has been invested into the Bios urn to maximise growth potential.
Yes. it is manufactured for people and for pets.
No, Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

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