Bios Urn Brand Ambassador program: share the Bios Urn with your community and audience.

Get Involved.


Introducing the Bios Urn Ambassador Program: a program which allows you to share the Bios Urn with your audience and community, and earn money back. The power of the individual is infinite. We’ve created this program because we’ve noticed a lot of people are interested in supporting the Bios Urn, but are not in the funeral industry. This was our way of ensuring that whoever supports us, we will support  back. This program is open to all people of all ages. The Bios Urn Ambassador program will have two different types of programs: one for influencers, and one for community ambassadors.

  • An influencer is an individual who owns their own website or blog, and has a minimum of 25k visits, or followers. Influencers will be given special ways to grow with Bios Urn.
  • community ambassador is someone who shares the Bios Urn with their friends, family, colleagues, and members of their community.

How It Works.

To start, enter the Bios Urn Ambassador page and sign up – introduce yourself to us. All you have to do is fill out the form, and input your details. You will be given the opportunity to create a customized link (example:  This link can then be shared on any platform you choose. The custom link is connected with your account, so anytime someone purchases a Bios Urn using your link, you will receive a percentage of the sale. Alongside this, you will also have full access to analytics, and can check how many people have visited your referral page. Here’s how to get started:

1. Register Here:  Bios Urn Brand Ambassador. Be sure to fill out as much information as possible.

2. Create a username and password, and follow up with creating your unique custom link (example:

3. Once we receive the form, we will review it and go over all the details to approve the ambassador account.

4. After being approved, share your link on various platforms. You can login to your account to check how many people have visited, and if any sales have occurred.

5. For each sale, you will receive a percentage of the sale back.

Spread the word.

Help us build our community. The best part of this program, is that you will not only be supporting something you agree with, you will be helping us spread the idea to those who are unaware an alternative like the Bios Urn exists.

  • Word-of-mouth: friends, family, community, colleagues.
  • Social Networks and Platforms: Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Websites and blogs
  • Physical locations: Senior Centers, Recreational Centers, Veterinarians, Flower Shops, Estate Planning Firms, and more.

Help us change this industry. Be part of our #lifeafterlife movement.


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