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Flown to the Moon and Back: The Mystery of NASA’s “Moon Trees”


What exactly are “Moon Trees”? During the 1971 Apollo 14 mission, nearly 500 tree seeds rode with astronaut Stuart Roosa. Each astronaut was allowed to bring one personal item with them into space, and much to the delight of the U.S Forest services, Stuart chose to bring tree seeds with him into orbit. Roosa had previously working for the Forest Service before moving into the field of space exploration. The seeds were comprised of different species, namely: Loblolly Pine, Sweetgum, Redwood, Sycamore, and Douglas Fir. These special seeds orbited the moon 34 times. Upon returning safely to Earth, the seeds were germinated into saplings, with nearly 475 out of 500 germinating successfully. A majority of “moon trees” were given away in 1975 to forestry organizations, and to specific states which the tree’s were compatible with. One of the most notable “moon trees,” a Loblolly Pine was planted at the White House. Then-president Gerald Ford said the trees were “living symbols of our spectacular human and scientific achievements.” Most were planted in the U.S, and others were gifted to different countries, like Brazil, and Japan. A famous one was planted during the 1975 bicentinnial in Philedelphia, where it still stands tall today. At the time, Moon Trees made a big commotion

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The Oak tree is a symbol of strength and perseverance


The Mighty Quercus In this post we are going to explain the origin, properties and symbology of the oak tree, one of the most loved trees in the world. The oak (Quercus robur) belongs to the Quercus genus tree species – there are up to 800 species all over the world, especially in the Northern hemisphere where they are native. It’s a long-lived tree which can live more than 1000 years. The meaning of Quercus robur is “oak” (quercus) + ” strength” (robur). The oak is a tree with multiple uses: the boiled bark has therapeutic properties. Its fruit (acorn) is used to feed livestock and also in times of shortage have also been used for human consumption. A meadow of oaks is a refuge for many animal species. The shape of the blade is very characteristic, and is found in badges, coins or medals . The oak is one of the most loved trees by the humans, and it can be easily found in many artistic creations. It is also the national symbol of many regions and countries: USA, UK, Germany, Croatia,… Its Symbolism The oak symbolizes physical strength and morale. They grow slowly but surely. In different mythologies they have represented powerful gods – in Greek mythology

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Become a Bios Urn Brand Ambassador


Get Involved.   Introducing the Bios Urn Ambassador Program: a program which allows you to share the Bios Urn with your audience and community, and earn money back. The power of the individual is infinite. We’ve created this program because we’ve noticed a lot of people are interested in supporting the Bios Urn, but are not in the funeral industry. This was our way of ensuring that whoever supports us, we will support  back. This program is open to all people of all ages. The Bios Urn Ambassador program will have two different types of programs: one for influencers, and one for community ambassadors. An influencer is an individual who owns their own website or blog, and has a minimum of 25k visits, or followers. Influencers will be given special ways to grow with Bios Urn. A community ambassador is someone who shares the Bios Urn with their friends, family, colleagues, and members of their community. How It Works. To start, enter the Bios Urn Ambassador page and sign up – introduce yourself to us. All you have to do is fill out the form, and input your details. You will be given the opportunity to create a customized link (example: biosurn.com/johndoe).  This link can then be shared on any platform you choose. The custom link is connected

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Bios Urn: The Evolution of The First Biodegradable Urn To Grow Trees


Functionality and use of design The idea for the Bios Urn came to co-founder Gerard Moline when he was a young child. He was in the garden planting flowers and vegetables with his grandmother, when she discovered a dead bird. She instinctively took the bird, buried it in a hole and planted some wildflower seeds on top – thus giving it new life. Gerard carried this memory with him for many years, and in 1997 he debuted the first prototype for the Bios Urn. For many years, the Bios Urn remained a mere prototype and in 2001 the first working prototypes were produced. The Bios Urn went on in 2001 to be a design winner for ADI FAD Medal, and in the year 2005 it was nominated as a finalist for the INDEX award. with a “design to improve life.” During this time, one of the very first Bios Urns produced was used for “little snowflake,” the only known albino gorilla in the world, who passed away. While the design has changed over the past decade, the core focus of Bios Urn has remainder the same: to add meaning to this process of life, and return to nature. The Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn which holds the ashes and aids in

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